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I am not sure what we are doing. We really wanted to go to 34 Kennebec in Bar Harbor, but God had other plans. We decided to take a deep pause to not rush into anything. As for the building in Ellsworth, we still own the lease and the equipment. In the near future we will renovate the space and lease it turnkey.


 I know staffing and housing will be one of our most crucial keys to success in the future. Currently we are putting our best efforts towards employee housing. Our plan is to not open immediately but rather in 5-10 years. Sometimes to speed up, you have to slow down. At this time our takeout business in Ellsworth is not open, but we are still active in other ways.


Lastly, two out of my three children are in daycare & elementary school. When we were open, I felt disconnected from them. They live in Bar Harbor, and I was always in Ellsworth. Owning a restaurant takes a significant amount of time. And right now, I do not want that commitment. When my children can carry ice buckets and work with me regularly, I'll be back. 


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We are a very small take out restaurant located at 151 high street in Ellsworth, Maine. All orders must be placed online. You will receive a time when your meal will be complete. Typically, 15-20 minutes.

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