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Our promise

I'm not sure if everyone remembers, sometimes we even forget! But once upon a time, catering was our main business model. We have all the equipment to cater hundreds of people. Our kitchen space is tailored to supply a food chain to all the big events in the surrounding areas of Downeast, Maine. Then, the wrecking ball of Covid-19 began!


This is where we took the biggest financial hit from Covid-19. We were unable to generate revenue from our main stream but had massive costs for storage and renovation costs. To say Covid was a struggle is an understatement. It almost took us out of business completely.


In addition to our catering department, we used to have in person dining. We did an expensive renovation mid season to allow workers to social distance, and allow for the future expansion of our grocery pizza department. We bulked up on our kitchen equipment and started an excellent take out model that we love. Simply put, we were doing whatever was needed to survive!


However this renovation eliminated our in person dining and changed our business forever. We will now be a permanent take out restaurant and soon our pizzas will be in grocery stores! 

Though we did not qualify for most grants and loans because of our incorporation date in 2019, we did qualify for 3 in total. The tax payers helped us when we needed it most. We have since met all of our requirements for Covid-19 loans to be forgiven.


We are so thankful to have received the help. Running a restaurant is hard in a pandemic. They were telling people not to travel, stay home. We would have failed without this help. We simply would not have been able to afford it. 


Because of this help, we have made a choice to pay back every dollar we received. We are so thankful we want to pay it forward. This will be done by direct donation to the local community over the next several years. That is our promise. We owe everything to you.


Things are looking better this year and we're hopeful to turn a profit. In 2022 we will begin our catering efforts again. We just wanted to say thank you for helping us when we needed it the most! It's one of the many reasons we donate so much to the community. 


Thank you!

-Wicked Munchies

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