Flu Season is coming, and we're ready.

Covid, right? We're sick of it. 😂

All jokes aside, we really don't like wearing masks, and doing all the extra stuff, but we're doing it. Covid-19 is here, along with numerous other seasonal bugs, it's best to be prepared. Things are changing daily, and so are we.

Wicked Munchies Curbside Take-out in Ellsworth, ME.

Some things we'd like to share:

1. There has only been 1 customer inside Wicked Munchies, ever

Almost 6 months ago, we made the choice to be Curbside Service only. Though 1 customer didn't get the memo, and we did make his meal. Since then, there has been no customers inside, for any reason.

2. Build it, and they will come

We have done 3 renovations in 6 months, not because of poor planning, but rather adapting to the evolving Covid-19 situation. Wicked Munchies has spent over $25,000.00 converting our employee spaces to be socially distanced, with all stainless steel countertops, tables, walls and appliances. Since then we have renovated our building, and continuously improved the ways we operate to deliver the safest meals possible. We're proud to be leading the way in Food Safety.

Wicked Munchies was originally built to be dine in, but that's no more.

3. We have socially distanced every work space in our building

Originally it was to give each employee their own kitchen cubicle in which to work without the need for a mask. It's a social distanced cooking space for each employee. But as the rules and mandates change, we also change, currently it is required for all Wicked Munchies employees to wear a mask.

Each station is distanced more than 8 feet apart, with an airflow of 45.5 CFM (cubic feet per minute).

4. We have the strictest employee sick policy there is

Call us strict, but if you call out sick, you're required to take a Covid-19 test in order to return to work. Plain and simple.

No joke.

5. Finally, just be nice

We're all trying. Besides, this is all just a cover up for the Aliens, and we all know it!! 😂

They're here to try our Pizza, they heard it's out of this world!! 😂

Visit our Website: www.wickedmunchies.pizza