Wicked Munchies to open on the first day of Spring, Thursday March 19th, 2020 for in person dining.

Updated: May 23

We have received so many emails, comments, DM's and everything in-between. We are so thankful for the feedback from everyone, it's really been overwhelming. We wanted to give updates on our progress, what we're offering and when we plan to open for in service customers. While we have been selling gift cards and offering our services for catering since last year, we're excited to welcome you into our space!

Wicked Munchies plans to open on March 19th, 2020. The first day of spring.

8 things we would like to share:

1. Opening day (Kind of) We're already operational

We have our State Inspection scheduled for February 28th and from there it will take us a couple of weeks for our staff to be trained and ready to go. We are looking to open March 19th, 2020. It's the first day of spring and we can't think of a better day to start growing!

2. Energy Efficient

We put a lot of effort in making this building as energy efficient as possibly. First, we replaced the doors and windows with double insulated windows, installed LED lights, and most of our appliances are energy efficient. The business signs for Wicked Munchies will also be powered by Solar Panels. We really wanted to be forward thinking with our approach and design of the building.

3. Online Ordering

We are excited to announce our online ordering platform brought to you by Toast. Customers will be-able to order online, repeat past orders and see their purchase history. The interface is very streamlined and easy to use!

4. Industry Leading Rewards

We want to offer rewards that you can accumulate quickly. Nobody wants to collect points for several months just to earn a free sandwich. With our short term rewards program, customers will earn rewards faster, giving them the option for free upgrades to menu items or discounts on their next order.

5. Creative Menu Items

We’re really looking to push the envelope on flavors by being bold with our menu choices. We are trying to be creative with the things we serve. At the end of the day we’re really trying to give the customer what they want, and that’s something fun, fresh and unique to the area. If you’re on a diet, we’re the place for you, if you’re not on a diet, we’re the place for you.

6. We are open Late Night

Wicked Munchies asked people what they wanted, and the #1 answer was something that was open late night. We will stay open until 12:00 a.m. in the Summer.

7. Delivery

Once we develop a work flow we will begin to offer delivery, customers can order by phone or online. We are hoping to introduce delivery as early as this summer!